Eau Gallie Area Homes For Sale

Eau Gallie began as a small coastal town along the river on the Florida East Coast. Brevard County. 

In 1859, the US Army sent John Houston to conduct a Seminole Indian census. Arriving in the Indian River area, John fell in love with its beauty. He took a leave of absence and applied for a soldier’s land grant. Houston traveled to Eau Gallie with his sons and 10 others. His wife joined him a year later. 

Eau Gallie is commonly said to mean "rocky water" since coquina rocks were found in the area. While eau means "water" in French, gallie is not a French word and may be derived from galet ("pebble" in French).  

A post office called Eau Gallie was established in 1871 and remained in operation until it was discontinued in 1970.  

Today Eau Gallie is a thriving.  Older homes with character and old charm still exist.  Many have been modernized to meet the design theme of our times. Residents who live and buy in the Eau Gallie area are typically looking to live closer to work.  

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